P.T. Anderson won't be directing Robert Downey Jr.'s live-action Pinocchio

Pinocchio Paul Thomas Anderson  Banner

I've got some disappointing news for those of you who were excited about the idea of a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed live-action PINOCCHIO movie starring Robert Downey Jr. Back in July, Warner Bros. and Downey enlisted Anderson to write a new draft for the long-in-development project, and there was also talk of him possibly helming it. But apparently that's no longer the case, as The Wrap's Jeff Sneider has heard that Anderson won't be directing the film.

No reason was given as to why, nor is it clear if Anderson's script will still be used (or if he even finished it), but this more than likely means we won't be seeing his take on the fairy tale.

Although Anderson spent the past year directing the documentary JUNUN, as well as a couple of music videos (one of which you can check out below), he currently doesn't have any feature films in the works. Hopefully that changes soon though and, now that he's off of PINOCCHIO, I'm very interested in seeing what he'll tackle for his next movie.

Source: The Wrap



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