Rambo vs. Indy?

I'm starting to feel like an unofficial spokesman for all things RAMBO-related lately, but here's another interesting information bite for you -- not quite enough to make a billy goat puke, but moderately filling nonetheless.

The newest rumor regarding the return of Rambo is that he'll be rescuing innocents and ravaging foes in an increasingly crowded month -- May 2008. This pits the sweat-slicked Stallone against another hero's cuatro quest, INDIANA JONES 4, in addition to IRON MAN, SPEED RACER, PRINCE CASPIAN, and the just announced remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.

Stallone made a fairly successful jump back toward the top with ROCKY BALBOA, and obviously hopes more familiarity doesn't breed contempt with a return to his famed ex-Green Beret. The flick is currently casting to fill out the secondary players and fodder, with shooting set to begin in Thailand soon.
Extra Tidbit: In the animated RAMBO TV series from the 1980s, the character fronted a team called The Force of Freedom in a global battle against the evil organization S.A.V.A.G.E., led by General Warhawk. Ah, the eighties.
Source: Rambo 4 page



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