Real life superhero Phoenix Jones fights crime, gets his ass kicked

The costumed superhero above is Phoenix Jones. He is not in THOR, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES or THE AVENGERS. He's a real-life crime fighter in Seattle; the masked alter-ego of a local citizen. For a few months, Phoenix (Mr. Jones?), has been patrolling the streets of Seattle, even foiling a carjacking. But the life of Phoenix Jones is becoming less SUPERMAN and more KICK-ASS as the would-be hero had his ass kicked on Saturday.

Phoenix interrupted a street fight, called 911 and placed one of the assailants in a headlock while he waiting for police to arrive. Only problem? The criminal had friends; friends with guns; friends who pulled out those guns and pointed them at our caped crusader. Phoenix wisely released the man from his vice grip and, once free, that man kicked him in the face, breaking his nose.

Even with a broken nose, Jones does not appear ready to give in just yet. Despite the fact that police have told him to, in so many words, knock it the f*ck off, Phoenix Jones will continue to patrol the streets of Seattle putting a new spin on the old "kicking ass and taking names" motto.

So...who's got Phoenix Jones in their Celebrity Death Pool?

Extra Tidbit: Phoenix Jones says his favorite superhero is Green Lantern. Get on this Warner Bros!



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