Redder? A sequel to Bruce Willis action movie Red is in the works

The Bruce Willis action-comedy RED turned out to be a minor hit thanks to global box office figures -- enough to make Summit sufficiently satisfied to get a sequel going. The movie even got a perplexing nomination for a Golden Globe, which must count for something, right? Ahem.

According to Collider, the company has set original writers Jon and Erich Hoeber (who loosely adapted Warren Ellis' comic miniseries) to work on a way to bring back Willis' retired CIA agent, his new gal and his gang of elderly ex-spies.

This is merely the first step -- there's no guarantee a sequel would even go further than the script stage, but it's safe to assume that at least some of the cast from the first RED would show up to help or hinder Bruce. Or maybe he'd round up some other familiar and respectable aging actors for chuckles and gunplay.

The Hoebers also penned the script for Summit's upcoming Sam Worthington thriller MAN ON A LEDGE, and somehow figured out a way to make the decades-old board game BATTLESHIP into a $200 million summer action movie.

Extra Tidbit: Any other older (and non-EXPENDABLE) actors you'd like to see in RED 2?
Source: Collider



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