Reese Witherspoon to star in Disney's live-action Tinker Bell film

Please, I've had enough; can these live-action takes on Disney's classic characters just end already? There are already so many of them in various stages of development, including BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE JUNGLE BOOK, DUMBO, MULAN, PINOCCHIO, WINNIE THE POOH, and JACK AND THE BEANSTALK. The newest character to receive the live-action remake treatment will be none other than that feisty little fairy, Tinker Bell.

THR reports that Reese Witherspoon is attached to star in and produce TINK, a live-action take on the classic PETER PAN character. TINK is said to "play with the idea and the timeline of the well-known Peter Pan narrative" while offering a new perspective on the character as it gives us "the story you don't know." Victoria Strouse, the writer behind the FINDING DORY, is tackling the script for TINK.

If TINK sounds familiar to you it's because the film was actually in development several years ago with Elizabeth Banks attached to star. It'd been several years since we last heard about the project but this recent trend of live-action remakes seem to have given TINK a chance at resurrection. As opposed to the larger budgeted MALEFICENT and CINDERELLA, TINK is being developed with a more modest mid-range budget in mind.

Witherspoon's most recent film, HOT PURSUIT, was released on May 8, 2015.

Source: THR



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