Release date for The Bourne Legacy pushed back a week due to competition and reshoots

Not quite as dramatic as G.I. JOE: RETALIATION's 9 month postponement, THE BOURNE LEGACY will shift from its original August 3rd release date to August 10th.

With THE DARK KNIGHT RISES expected to be huge and growing buzz around the TOTAL RECALL remake, Universal's move makes perfect sense. The buzz on the fourth Bourne film has been good and Universal claims they want to maximize free advertising during NBC's coverage of the London Olympics (both NBC and Universal are owned by Comcast).

The only concerning news regarding THE BOURNE LEGACY is that the film recently underwent reshoots earlier this month. Universal claims it was just pick up shots for a single scene. That is more than likely the truth, but with almost every major movie seeming to have production troubles these days, you have to assume the worst.

The superhuman traits star Jeremy Renner exhibits in the trailer for THE BOURNE LEGACY may seem a little out of whack with the first three films, but I trust returning screenwriter Tony Gilroy who has written all four Bourne films. Renner looks solid in the trailer and one can only hope if this movie proves successfull we will get to see Renner and original Bourne star Matt Damon team up or, even better, go head to head.

Extra Tidbit: Who would win in a fight: Batman, BOURNE LEGACY's Aaron Cross, or TOTAL RECALL's Doug Quaid?
Source: Deadline



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