Renee Humphrey joins Mallrats 2 and Trevor Fehrman will return for Clerks 3


As you no doubt have seen by now, Kevin Smith has been on a casting kick, releasing pictures of the returning cast for MALLRATS 2. That trend continues with Renee Humphrey (Trish the Dish) taking part, but Smith also let us know that a character from CLERKS 2 would be making his way into CLERKS 3. Check out the announcement below!


TRISH THE DISH vs ELIAS! In-Real-Life couple RENEE HUMPHREY and TREVOR FEHRMAN have a finger-battle for sequel dominance between their respective roles in MALLRATS 2 and CLERKS III! So Trevor is going back to the store and Renee is going back to the mall, y'all! 9 down, 3 to go!

While CLERKS 2 felt closer to the animated show than the gritty film that spawned it, I still had a blast. In my book, it was the last great Kevin Smith movie. I'm kinda hoping CLERKS 3 will harken back to the first more than the second, but Elias was a really fun character and I'm glad to see he'll be popping up in the third entry.

CLERKS 3 will start shooting in Philadelphia in May, with MALLRATS 2 possibly later this year.

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