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Jackass 3D
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PLOT: The JACKASS gang is back, once again performing an escalating series of outrageous pranks and stunts- this time in 3D.

REVIEW: One of the best experiences I ever had in a movie theatre was at the sneak preview of JACKASS 2 a few years ago. At the time, I was working for Paramount Pictures as their local marketing rep in Montreal. One of my jobs was to MC the local screenings that were not sponsored by radio stations. JACKASS 2 was something that not a lot of stations wanted to be associated with, so as part of my hosting duties, I wrote a little script, where I had the audience swear an oath not to imitate any of the dumbass stunts they were about to see onscreen. From then on, the screening was a free-for all, with people screaming with laughter throughout the film, and overall having an amazing time.

Sadly, I had to miss the sneak preview of this film due to a nasty flu-bug, so I had to catch it at a virtually deserted matinée screening, which is not really the way one should ever watch JACKASS. Nonetheless, I still had a lot of fun watching JACKASS 3D- with the gang being perhaps more outrageous than they've ever been in their 3D debut.

I really don't want to give too much away, as being shocked by the insanity you're seeing onscreen is really the key to enjoying these films, but if you thought some of the shit these guys did in the first two films was bad- wait until you get a load of this. Just to give you an idea, we see a tooth get torn out by tying it to a Lamborghini, a guy drinking another guys sweat, a dude having an apple chewed out of his anus by a wild boar, and someone else attaching a remote-control helicopter to his penis.

And I haven't even mentioned the 3D yet...

While I think 3D`s a gimmick that`s quickly playing itself out, filming JACKASS this way is actually inspired. Trust me- you ain't ever seen 3D like you've seen it here, and at one point, one of the JACKASS boys even pisses on the audience- which is something I doubt even James Cameron could have thought up. Heck, the boys even take the piss out of 3D being a useless gimmick by having none other than Beavis & Butthead talk about its pitfalls during the animated intro.

JACKASS 3D is truly a critic-proof movie if there ever was one, and whether or not you enjoy it all depends on whether you're a fan or not. You either love JACKASS, or you hate it. There`s really no in-between. I happen to be a fan, so for me, JACKASS 3D was a ticket well worth buying, even at the insanely jacked-up 3D price the theatre I saw this at was charging. Like the first two movies, it maybe goes on a shade too long (I was done about 70 minutes in), but overall it was a hoot and a half. If you think JACKASS is the height of stupidity, than you will not enjoy this film. But, if you like watching guys subject themselves to insanely stupid and dangerous stunts and pranks, than by all means, this is the film for you. Just keep a vomit bag handy...

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