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Journey 3-D
3 10

Plot: While investigating some mysterious volcanic activity, a mild mannered volcanologist (Brendan Fraser), & his teenaged nephew (Josh Hutcherson) accidentally stumble upon what appears to be the center of the earth. The two, along with a sexy mountain guide (Anita Briem) must escape the center of the earth before the temperature reaches 130 degrees- or they'll surely die!!! In 3D!!!

Review: I honestly don't get what the big deal is about 3D. It seems to be undergoing some kind of resurgence in popularity these days- but after having seen BEOWULF & now JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH in 3D- I honestly can't see what the appeal is. Sure- you get lots of people hurling pointy computer generated things at you- but really, what's so cool about that. With every 3D movie I've seen, the gimmick has gotten old after less time. Not only that- but I'm pretty nearsighted, and I find it a real pain to fit these cheap 3D glasses over my normal glasses. This isn't really a problem in IMAX theaters- as they have really nice non-disposable 3D lenses- but the cheap Sony Real 3D glasses issued for this film are pretty crappy and uncomfortable.

Anyways- that's enough of my bitching for one review- how is the film itself? I'm sure, after the crappy trailers, no one will be surprised at the fact that the film simply isn't very good. First of all- it struck me as a really cheap film. The 3D effects are not the slightest bit realistic, and the whole film pretty much consists of Fraser, Briem & Hutcherson throwing things at the screen, or running away from cartoon-y 3D CGI dinosaurs, plants, and mutant fish. That's it. Seriously, besides five other bit parts, and a brief airplane scene- they're the only actors in the film, and they're really given nothing to do. The storyline is non-existent, and while Fraser at least tries to inject some humor into the film I couldn't help but think he's fighting hopeless battle with technology. Hopefully THE MUMMY :TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR will be a better showcase for his talent (I know a lot of people can't stand the guy but I grew up watching ENCINO MAN, so I can't help but root for him). The film is really nothing more than a showcase for 3D technology, and I'm amazes me that the studio is actually going to release a non- 3D version of this film, which I imagine will be completely unwatchable.

That said, I'm sure there will be some people out there that will enjoy this film. The film is essentially a kiddie flick, and I'm sure some kids will like it, although I'm sure most would probably prefer WALL-E (their parents definitely will). The only other folks that will get a kick out of this film are hardcore 3D fans, which I certainly am not. However my tune may change after James Cameron's AVATAR finally hits screens. Until then, consider me unconvinced on this new high tech 3D boom.

Grade: 3/10 (but if you love 3D- bump the grade up to 6)

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