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PLOT: When a jerk of a millionaire takes a drunken fall from his yacht, an employee he viciously mocked takes a bit of revenge. She convinces him that he is her husband so that he can do all the work and earn money while she studies for her nursing examine. Yeah, the plot is kind of ridiculous, even for a romcom.

REVIEW: The wait is over! After almost thirty years, the movie fans have been dying to see is finally here!! That’s right, the long awaited remake to the Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell romantic comedy OVERBOARD. Well perhaps it wasn’t really “long awaited” and frankly, did anybody think this was truly a great idea? Whatever the answer is, the official remake starring Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez hit theatres this weekend and I was dreading it. The trailers were terrible, and of course the big question, why the hell do you need to remake freaking OVERBOARD? Yet they did it. So there I went, into the local movie theatre in Burbank, and I took this one on so you wouldn’t have to. And then comes the big twist! It really wasn’t all that bad. It may be pretty predictable and occasionally a little dumb, but it’s a bit hard to resist Faris and Derbez.

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The 2018 version of OVERBOARD presents us with a bit of a switch on the original. This time, Anna Faris is the one struggling with her children, while Derbez is the rich jerk who has amnesia - it was the reverse the first time around. Kate (Faris) is a loving mother who tries her best to give her three girls, Olivia (Alyvia Alyn Lind), Lucia (Cynthia Mendez), Emily (Hannah Nordberg), all she can while struggling with several jobs. When she is hired to clean a millionaire’s yacht, she has a more than unpleasant encounter with a wealthy brat named Leonardo (Derbez). It is such a terrible experience, he ends up pushing her into the ocean. The guy is a prize. And when that prize happens to get drunk and fall into the ocean, he forgets who he is and everything he knows. When Kate hears the news, she is convinced by her best pal Theresa (Eva Longoria) to trick the jerk into thinking he is her husband to get back at his terrible behavior and give Kate a little financial help.

The idea of remaking a mediocre Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn comedy doesn’t make a ton of sense. First off, the original OVERBOARD wasn’t necessarily a massive hit, but it was pleasant enough and an enjoyable excursion. And much like the first film, the update deals with a ridiculous plot that is straight out of a bad sitcom, and you know very well where it all leads. Yet also like the original, the two leads are far more sympathetic and endearing than they have any right to be. The latest version also features a few solid actors including Eva Longoria, Swoosie Kurtz and John Hannah. Even the three young girls playing Feris’ children are quite adorable.

Anna Faris is the type of actress that can usually make a bad film watchable. She exudes charm effortlessly and her work her is no different. And considering she has the more straight laced role, it was nice seeing her play a mom who is trying her best. As far as Eugenio Derbez, it took a bit to really warm up to his Leonardo at first. He plays a jerk and he is almost too good at it. Once he and Faris begin to follow the basic romcom rules, the two really hit it off is a refreshing way. This can be tricky considering both of their characters make some seriously flawed choices throughout the running time. However, as he begins to accept Kate and the kids, you find yourself slightly moved by their blossoming romance.

overboard anna faris eugenio derbez eva longoria john hannah romantic comedy remake 2018

Director Rob Greenberg manages to make good use of his two stars. The natural humor between the two helps you forget that the script is as generic as it is. Greenberg, along with Bob Fisher, wrote the screenplay, and while it is predictable, they do manage an occasional surprise or two. This is probably more true near the final act than the obvious beginning. But it is still a mostly by-the-numbers romance, and the few moments of “screwball” type comedy fell flat. When the focus remains on the family and friends that surround Kate is when it works the best. As well, I appreciated the quick nod to the original film that will sound to those unaware like a simple throwaway line.

OVERBOARD is yet another unnecessary remake to an enjoyable, but mainly forgettable 80’s comedy. However, thanks to its talented cast, it was better than I had expected. While Eugenio Derbez' over-the-top antics grew a bit tiring, it is his chemistry with the always lovely Anna Faris that saves this sinking yacht. This is the kind of movie that MoviePass was made for. If you are in the mood for sheer escapism, and you don’t care about logic or smarts, you may find pleasure in watching Faris’ character basically kidnap a scumbag to use to help her out around the house. Yeah, the plot is just as ridiculous as it was in 1987. Yet there are certainly far worse things to be forced to endure at the cinema in case you do end up getting dragged to see this by the wife or girlfriend.

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