Yes, I loved THE DARK KNIGHT. It is a moody tale about the struggle of good and evil, and everything in between. I want to go on and discuss particular scenes that I found to be powerful, but I really think you need to go into it as fresh as possible. Surprisingly the trailers which seem to give too much away, don’t really come close to revealing what happens throughout. But what does happen, is just as enticing as the brief glimpse during the preview. One complaint some may have is the length. It is around two and a half hours, but frankly, I didn’t feel it. In fact, a friend of mine who attended the screening with me, looked at me after the end credits… he wanted to watch it again right then and there. I guess with any movie, you should try and not build it up too much, because there is always someone who won’t like a certain film no matter what it is. Yet in the end, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Aaron Eckland’s Harvey Dent, and a phenomenal vision realized by Christopher Nolan makes TDK easily one of the years best. My rating 10/10 -- JimmyO