Rhys Ifans will play the Mad Hatter's father in Alice in Wonderland 2

The Wrap is reporting Rhys Ifans has joined James Bobin's (THE MUPPETS) ALICE IN WONDERLAND sequel, and the actor will play the Mad Hatter's father, Zanik Hightopp. Mark Rylance (ANONYMOUS, BLITZ) was previously in talks to play the character, but Rhys Ifans will play the Hatter Dad in ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2.

Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Mia Wasikowska will reprise their roles from the first film, and the sequel will also star Sacha Baron Cohen as the villain Time. There aren't too many details on Rhys Ifans' Zanik Hightopp, but apparently the character has bright-colored hair, and he is unable to hide it beneath a top hat. It's also not clear if the film is still being called THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.

Although Johnny Depp is actually four years older than Rhys Ifans, their ages aren't going to be a problem since both will be covered in makeup for the new movie.

No word on how big Rhys Ifans' role will be in ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2, but it does look like we will be learning more about the Mad Hatter's history in the sequel. Johnny Depp's Hatter had a much bigger role in the Tim Burton film than he did in Lewis Carroll's novels, and it appears that will continue in ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2. Rhys Ifans is a great actor, and I hope James Bobin and company give him solid material to work with, and not just have him acting silly alongside Johnny Depp.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2 is scheduled to open on May 27, 2016.

Source: The Wrap



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