Ricky Martin to star in FX's American Crime Story: Versace

AMERICAN CRIME STORY: THE PEOPLE VS. OJ SIMPSON was a surprise critical darling for FX and creator Ryan Murphy (GLEE, AMERICAN HORROR STORY), boasting great acting all around, and a minimum of the melodramatic flourishes that has plagued other Murphy projects. So it was obvious AMERICAN CRIME STORY was going to be getting more seasons. The next season will focus on Hurricane Katrina, however the one after that will focus on famously eccentric fashion designer Gianni Versace, played by Edgar Ramirez. And he'll be joined by none other than "Living La Vida Loca" himself, Ricky Martin.

Martin will be playing Versace's longtime partner Antonio D’Amico. He and Versace maintained a relationship until 1997, ending only when Versace was murdered by serial killer Andrew Cunanan. They are joined by Penelope Cruz as Versace's sister, Donatella Versace.

Now, I'm always weary when singers try to make transitions to acting. I mean, it's admittedly been successful before (Elvis, Tom Waits, Justin Timberlake), though - to be fair - they mostly fall flat on their faces (Britney Spears, Neil Diamond, the other guys from N*Sync). But I'm still hopeful. At least Martin has charisma to spare, whatever you think of his music. We'll see.

So what event do you Schmoes think Murphy's AMERICAN CRIME STORY should eventually tackle? The next one after VERSACE will apparently focus on Monica Lewinsky.

Extra Tidbit: Not a fan of his music, but damn does that "Living La Vida Loca" song get stuck in my head.
Source: FX



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