Risk is the latest board game to become a movie

I never really played much of the board game RISK when I was younger -- the game seemed to take forever, and I was probably looking for a bit more immediate carnage in my global domination, so things often resulted in the pieces ultimately being grabbed and hurled at opponents in fury.

But it's a popular and recognizable property, so like BATTLESHIP and CANDYLAND and MONOPOLY and others, it's getting adapted into a movie.

The Hasbro (and former Parker Brothers) turn-based strategy game will somehow become a contemporary action-thriller from Sony, who apparently sees value in the brand instead of just, y'know, making an original contemporary action-thriller about world domination.

A script is in the works by writer John Hlavin, who spent time on "The Shield" and penned the upcoming fourth UNDERWORLD flick.

Since its initial release in 1959, the RISK game has been released in a variety of licensed versions, including STAR WARS, LORD OF THE RINGS, HALO, NARNIA and TRANSFORMERS, which all undoubtedly had more imaginatively stimulating pieces than the plastic Roman numerals from my wayback (in the days when the idea of board game movies was just material for sketch comedy shows).

Extra Tidbit: For some reason, RISK always reminds me of the "high tech" game Domination that Sean Connery and the villain played in the "unofficial" Bond movie NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN.
Source: THR



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