Riverdale season 2 promo shows off steamy new footage!

As anyone who regularly reads this site knows, I am obsessed with the CW's sexy-Archie reboot series RIVERDALE. If you're not a regular reader, hello, and now you know my dirty shame. Well, not really, because as goofy and crazy as the show gets, it's still stylish, fun, and has a great cast - not to mention a compelling mystery at its core. Because while the first season's mystery was solved, a new one (SPOILERS: who shot Archie's dad?) is now underway!

The teaser above definitely gets me excited! It looks darker and crazier than the first season, which is definitely a plus. Now let's just hope they don't completely lose the original characters along the way, because no matter how gritty or gruesome the story got in the first season, everyone was still recognizable as their comic-book counterparts - even if slightly altered forms (given the circumstances). Either way, I can't wait!

Meanwhile, RIVERDALE season 2 will blast onto the CW October 11th!

Extra Tidbit: Crossing my fingers that they crossover with that new Sabrina show sooner-than-later!
Source: YouTube



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