Rob Corddry has some plot details on Hot Tub Time Machine 2

It was recently announced that Adam Scott would be stepping in for John Cusack to serve as the lead in HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2. We were sure at the time what the role was nor were we sure on where the group of friends will be traveling to in time.

When Rob Corddry stopped by The Howard Stern Show and let it drop that Scott would play Cusack's son and the guys will be stopping by to see him in the future. Possible Cusack cameo? Maybe? Hopefully?

Then the actor went on to say that the film would take place 10 years in the future (not too far). Since the film is working with a smaller budget this time around, they many not have so much for the cool future tech. So to work that angle, Corddry describes a scene "where the characters joke about how the future hasn’t changed that much and, as they’re walking away, they don't see a guy putting a pug on a Hoverboard." So the future hasn't evolved much, huh?

He also mentions that the title was going to be HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 3: BECAUSE HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 HASN'T HAPPENED YET but that was shot down.

Are you looking forward to the second (3rd?) installment?



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