Robert Zemeckis might finally get back to directing live-action with Flight

It's been a decade since director Robert Zemeckis put flesh-and-blood humans (and one volleyball) on screens, but now Paramount is hoping to lure him away from his "performance capture" animation obsession with a new project called FLIGHT, according to Deadline.

And if you were hoping for something imaginative and momentous like BACK TO THE FUTURE, or a fun adventure like ROMANCING THE STONE, or an exceptional artistic mix like WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT... no such luck.

FLIGHT is apparently a straight drama about an commercial pilot who manages to safely land a malfunctioning passenger jet. The FAA later realizes he was drunk and high, but covers it up in favor of the hero story. The pilot tries to deal with his undeserved status as the airline struggles to keep it secret from the public.

THR says Denzel Washington is attached to star, which does make it moderately more interesting.

The script comes from John Gatins, who also wrote REAL STEEL... a futuristic robot boxing movie that honestly sounds more like something appropriate for Zemeckis but is instead directed by the guy who made DATE NIGHT and THE PINK PANTHER remake.

We'll see if this one comes to life better than any of the other non-CG projects Zemeckis has been linked to in the past few years (DARK LIFE, TIMELESS, THE WIZARD OF OZ remake), or if he just drifts back to his computerized creepers in his YELLOW SUBMARINE remake or another performance captured project.

Extra Tidbit: Do you still want a ROGER RABBIT sequel from Zemeckis?
Source: DeadlineTHR



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