Ruben Fleischer and a new screenwriter board the Spyhunter movie

After years of false starts and a once promising chance to have Dwayne Johnson in the title role, SPYHUNTER is finally looking to make the jump from video game to the big screen. John Woo and Paul W.S. Anderson were once attached to the project which now has GANGSTER SQUAD and ZOMBIELAND director Ruben Fleischer taking over directing duties.

Deadline also reports that a new screenwriter has come on board. Carter Blanchard will write the script. His previous experience was the spec script GLIMMER which is being made over at Dreamworks.

The plot of the game series follows Alec Sects, a F-15 pilot who was trained by the FBI, as he tries to take down Nostra, an Israeli-based international company that produces food products, bio-chemicals, genetics, e-commerce and children's software. Daemon Curry, a man who believes himself to be the figure mentioned in several religions (for example: the second christ/antichrist and believes in the prophecies of Nostradamus), is the founder and leader. To deal with him, the IES create a team called Spyhunter.

The game primarily focused on driving levels that involved a car that can change shape and abilities depending if the pursuit would be on land, sea, or air. Obviously the movie will utilize the same aspects with a much more fleshed out plot. It remains to be seen which star will play the lead role, but I hope Fleischer tries to get his GANGSTER SQUAD star Ryan Gosling to slip back into the driver's seat.

Source: Deadline



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