Rumor: from DC to Marvel Michael Shannon frontrunner for Cable in Deadpool 2

Man, it's been a journey trying to cast Cable in DEADPOOL 2. There were rumors that Kyle Chandler all but had the part last year (though it looks now like he was never even in the running), then it seemed David Harbour (STRANGER THINGS, SUICIDE SQUAD) was in the lead, now it looks like - according to The Hollywood Reporter - Michael Shannon is the frontrunner for the role!

Personally, Shannon has been my favorite pick so far. He has range, but some of his best roles are when he's deadpan and icy-cold intense, which would make him the perfect foil to Ryan Reynolds' hyperactive, never-shutting-up Wade Wilson/Deadpool. He also can do comedy, so that even though I imagine the role will call for Cable to be the straight man, he could be more like a dry Dean Martin to Reynolds' Jerry Lewis, rather than a boring, stoic action man. And like Reynolds, if he takes this role he will be going from DC-to-Marvel (Shannon having played Zod in MAN OF STEEL, Reynolds as Hal Jordan in GREEN LANTERN).

Of course, while there seem to be sources inside the studio telling THR this news, we should also not get our hopes up yet. This is all still in the early stages, so consider this a rumor until proven otherwise.

But what do you Schmoes think of the casting if it turns out to be true? You down for some intense Shannon eyes? Or are you (like me) still holding out hope for Keira Knightley?

Either way, DEADPOOL will smartass his way to theaters sometime next year.

Extra Tidbit: Michael Shannon should be in a lot more things.
Source: THR



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