Rumor: Is this the shortlist of directors for Masters of the Universe?

In early October, director Jon M. Chu dropped out of the live-action He-Man flick, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. There's been no word on who would replace him but they did nab Terry Rossio (LONE RANGER) to tidy up the script.

I don't know how many of you are still holding out hope that this film will come out sometime in this century. I still don't know what to think about it. As a younger schmoe, I was a massive She-Ra fan. I watched the hell out of some He-Man. As I've stated before, the He-Man flick with Dolph Lundgren unfortunately did nothing for me so I've always just let go of a decent live-action adaptation. I know lots of people love it for its cheesy factor but it was too much for me.

If Rossio crafts this great script and hits it out of the park like he did with the PIRATES installments then maybe there's a chance. But with Chu out then who is being eyed to direct?

According to a rumor from Schmoes Know, these are the names of the shortlist of directors:

Joe Cornish (ATTACK OF THE BLOCK), Rian Johnson (LOOPER), Andy Muschietti (MAMA), Kirk DeMicco & Chris Sanders (THE CROODS) and Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 JUMP STREET).

Again it's a rumor, so I don't know if any of these guys have actually been extended an offer, or if they'd even want to take a project like this one on. Though I am secretly hoping that Lord and Miller get it, cast Channing Tatum, and make it the best damn comedy ever.

Source: Schmoes Know



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