Russell Brand would play either Tommy Lee or Nikki Sixx in The Dirt

The adaptation of Neil Strauss' Motley Crue biography The Dirt has been kicked around for awhile now with no one ever really picking it up. It's one of those dream movies that you know if it could really get some steam behind it might be something really good.

There's been no mention of it for awhile now, that is until MTV did did an interview with Strauss last week who said this on the latest, "I know they're looking at a few different directors for it. I gotta say, the screenplay is amazing. I really hope they make it. I think it will be great. I think they're just scared because it's obviously going to be a hard R-[rated] movie. I think they're worried they won't make enough money off it."

When they asked him about casting, he mentioned that he had spoken with the screenwriter who gave Strauss some of his ideas, "No, but I got a text from the screenwriter, Rich Wilkes, and he told me who he'd love to see in the film. Here's who he sees: Brad Pitt as David Lee Roth, Jared Leto as Vince Neil, Jack Black or Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Patrick or Justin Timberlake as their first manager (a guy called Alan Kaufman), Sam Rockwell as Mick Mars, Ashton Kutcher or Russell Brand as Tommy Lee. He's got it all thought out. That would be amazing."

Well during an interview with Brand for ARTHUR, MTV asked him if he would be interested in the movie. Brand then announced that he'd love to play--Nikki Sixx. MTV mentioned that Wilkes had him in mind for Tommy Lee.

Brand: "Oh thank you," he said with a sly smile. "I know he's packing. T-bone Tommy Lee. Yeah, I'd be up for that, but I want to be Nikki Sixx," he said, before changing his mind. "I'd be Tommy Lee, I'd be any of them."

MTV: Why Nikki Sixx over Tommy Lee?

Brand: "The hair," he said, then joked: "The smack ... no, enough drugs already."

Of course, Brand likes the idea of getting Pam Anderson in on the fun.

"Yeah, [I'd] have Pamela Anderson be in it, on the yacht," Brand said, referring to a certain sex tape. "That would be a good scene."

Extra Tidbit: Any ideas of your own for casting?
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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