Sam Jackson in Iron Man?

If true, this is one of the coolest things to happen to a Marvel movie since Wolverine went berserk in X2. Ain't It Cool News is reporting that IRON MAN will feature an appearance by a superhero character that would serve to set-up another upcoming movie. That movie would be THE AVENGERS. That character would be Nick Fury. The actor? Sam The Fuckin' Man Jackson. AICN seems to believe this is not just rumor, but fact, and that Jackson is filming his scenes this week. It would be an incredible move by Marvel to announce the casting of Jackson as Nick Fury in this way. I don't mean letting AICN break the scoop (I'm sure they didn't plan on that) but letting the movie make the announcement. And how crazy would it be if they were able to trot out Sam Jackson for a quick appearance at the IRON MAN panel at Comic-Con as a "surprise guest?" Some may gripe that Jackson isn't classic Nick Fury (the same close-minded ingrates who complained about Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin) but I say he's a perfect choice. Who's cooler and more bad-ass than Sam The Man? Stay tuned for more info as it develops...

Extra Tidbit: The modern-day Nick Fury was originally a CIA agent.



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