Samuel L. Jackson on the 5 hour cut of Django Unchained and Breaking Bad cameo

Quentin Tarantino has talked about eventually releasing a longer cut of DJANGO UNCHAINED. Will it be like the talk of KILL BILL: THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR? Who knows?! But we do know that Sam Jackson hopes that we do get it, so we can see all the scenes he acted in because that man is f*cking fabulous.

Jackson had his own thoughts as to why Tarantino should put out the 5 hour director's cut of the film, "A lot of stuff I wish was still in the movie. That's who we are, we're actors. Every scene I shot I still want in the movie, but they're not!" Jackson said that if his character got more screentime, he, "would be a lot more despicable if some of these scenes were still in the movie." Apparently, he and Jamie Foxx also share love for the same deleted scene. What are the chances of anyone else seeing it? "We'll just have to wait for the five hour director's cut. Blu-Ray special edition."

IndieWire also joked with Jackson about a possible BREAKING BAD cameo that might have been. When THE AVENGERS were filming in New Mexico, the two productions were right across from each other in Albuquerque. Jackson hoped that he could walk on set in costume and casually give his order at Los Pollos Hermanos, but none of the producers allowed it. He explained, "I just wanted to order a three piece and really freak people out," he chuckled. "Then people would be going, 'Wow, was that him?" I would give anything to see that.

Speaking of Nick Fury, when discussing Joss Whedon's upcoming, S.H.I.E.L.D series, the actor wasn't sure if he would make an appearance or not, "I don't know. They haven't talked to me about it," he said, "But when I think about the TV show I think Nick Fury should at least be like Charlie in 'Charlie's Angels.' You should hear his voice, they should talk to him."

Source: IndieWire



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