Schwarzenegger talks Terminator prep & possible Triplets start

Arnold Schwarzenegger is easily one of the biggest movie stars of all time, and some of the biggest movies of his celebrated career are the TERMINATOR films and the comedy smash TWINS (co-starring with Danny DeVito). Time has been good to both those movies, and he will soon be filming sequels to them next year with TERMINATOR 6 and TRIPLETS. He said he would be back, and he is...twice.

In a recent interview, Schwarzenegger discussed both projects, mostly focusing on training for such a big movie like TERMINATOR, which will require him to do a lot of action and stunt work, all at the age of 70. This would seem daunting to anyone else, but Arnold has clearly kept in shape all these years, and as long as you do that 70 is basically the new 30.

People always ask me, 'you are 70 years old - can you still do the stunts?' and I say, 'you know, of course!' That's the advantage when you train every day, you keep in good cardiovascular shape, and in good physical shape, and you keep your strength and everything, you can go and step on a movie and when you practice these different stunts, you can do that kind of work and do the grind that you did when you were 30 years old. So when people ask why I train everyday, it's because I want to be ready for the action!

That action will certainly be ready for him, as the star spoke about how the movie will be shooting a lot of night and will feature some pretty bonkers action. It will be hard work, but it shall all be worth it in the end:

We’re doing Terminator 6 so I know there will be a lot of night shooting and craziness and all that stuff. They are really tough to do. Working really hard and you're running, you're doing stunts, you're getting injuries and stuff like that, but then the outcome of it is fantastic! So, you know, the more that there is misery on the set, the more you struggle, the better in the end the movie looks. So that's just the way it is. I love doing it and I'm looking forward to doing more of these movies.

As for TRIPLETS, Schwarzenegger is committed to starting on TERMINATOR first – which will kick off in March 2018 – but he is certain he will get the script this month, and hopes to shoot after T6:

 In around 14 days or so, I’m going to have the finished script [TRIPLETS] to read and I’ll be working on it. TERMINATOR will definitely start in March so it could be before that that we start TRIPLETS or after that.

Gotta give it up for Arnold. The man is still rocking it at his age and pumping that sweet iron. Not only is he packing some serious muscle power, but he's going to put it to use on the set of TERMINATOR and look like a total badass doing it. Then, after he's done cracking skulls, he's going to bring the funny with TRIPLETS! Is there anything this man can't do? The answer is no, and don't ever let me catch anyone else thinking or asking that again. 

TERMINATOR 6 arrives July 26, 2019, and we could get TRIPLETS sometime after that.

Source: The Arnold Fans



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