Scott's Chippendales

Scott doing his thing. Whatever that is.

Tony Scott doing a film about male strippers... Now there's a creepy thought just in time for Halloween. Even better if bro' Ridley was a dancer... but he ain't. Darn.

The director is attached to direct an as-yet-untitled film chronicling the rise and fall of one Steve Banerjee, founder of the (in)famous Chippendale's, who went from gas-bar clerk to male-stripclub owner in little time. Apparently money made him go Howard Hughes on the folks who helped him rise, even going as far as hiring a hitman to off his choreographer. Sad. Well, not really, I mean he made the rest of us guys feel inadequate...

The currently-independent project is said to be on par with the style of Scott's own TRUE ROMANCE,  whatever that means. No production schedule is yet known, and the big man is already busy with Captain Kirk 2.0 on UNSTOPPABLE.

Extra Tidbit: So what's going on with Scott's remake of THE WARRIORS? If anyone WANTS something to go on there...
Source: Variety



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