See who's on a short list to direct the next James Bond film

As we've recently reported, Agent 007's next big screen mission will debut in U.S. theaters on November 8, 2019. Even with the date confirmed, we've been unsure as to whether or not Daniel Craig would be straightening his super spy cuff links for the character, once again. Then, shortly after we were done marking our calendars for the anticipated release of Bond's next outing, a little bird sang a song into the ears of internet journalists the world over, tweeting that Craig is reportedly set to return to the role.

With those elements now in place, the time has come for Bond enthusiasts to ponder the possibilities regarding who will direct the forthcoming sequel. If you've got ideas, we'd like for you to leave a comment in the Strike Back section of this article and weigh in. With that being said, Deadline Hollywood have recently posted a shortlist of directors for the legendary franchise's next installment and we'd like to share it with you.

The first name on the list is '71 and ALAN & SAMIR director Yann Demange. As the second possibility we have ARRIVAL and SICARIO helmer Denis Villenueve added to the list. Finally, HELL OR HIGH WATER's David MacKenzie arrives as the third potential director. In evaluating each of the potential candidates listed here, we find that Demange is currently in the midst of directing Matthew McConaughey in WHITE BOY RICK, but could go on to direct Bond if his schedule allows. Villenueve is just now exiting his efforts for BLADE RUNNER 2049, and looks to have an opening in his schedule according to IMDB. Meanwhile, MacKenzie is neck deep in pre-production for his next film, OUTLAW KING, in addition to pre-production for his GEMSTONE TV series and DAMNATION TV movie.

Aside from finding a director, the next Bond film still has several pieces that will need to fall into place before cameras can begin rolling. So I'll ask again, who are your favorite picks to direct the next James Bond sequel? Let us know in the comments section below.

The next James Bond film will debut in theaters on November 8, 2019.

Extra Tidbit: I'd like to see what James Wan could do with a Bond film. I'm just sayin'.



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