Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been approached to work on an Uncharted movie multiple times

Rogen and Goldberg/Uncharted

Sometimes an actor, writer or director will be attached or rumored to be a part of a project only for he or she to leave and it's disappointing. Other times it's a huge relief. This news I'd probably put somewhere in the middle.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's THIS IS THE END has done quite well in theaters so far and the film has also received very positive reviews from many critics and audience members. The two men talked to IGN recently about the movie and also revealed that video game developer Naughty Dog has offered the scripting duties for an Uncharted film several different times to the duo. However Rogen and Goldberg have declined each time and they have a pretty good reason why they have said no to Naughty Dog:

Rogen: They’re constantly asking me and Evan to make the Uncharted movie.

Goldberg: For like four years now, they’ve been just like ‘make an Uncharted movie for us.’ But it’s just gonna be Indiana Jones!

Rogen: Yeah, writing it. They’ve been asking us to write it for years.

Goldberg: If we could figure out a way to make it not Indiana Jones, it’d be awesome.

While the video game doesn't have any of the dick and fart jokes, drug references and foul language that is sprinkled throughout the films by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the two are very capable of writing great banter between characters and that's something Uncharted has plenty of. Their reasoning why they've decided to not work on a script for UNCHARTED is understandable and I'm glad Rogen and Goldberg didn't take the job "just because." 

If they were offered directing duties as well I'd be a little bit more hesitant since it would probably be the biggest film the two have worked on to date but I think Rogen and Goldberg could have hammered out a decent script. Still, I'm glad they realize that an adaptation of Uncharted just wouldn't work for them at this time and since Rogen is a gamer maybe a different video game adaptation would work for him and Goldberg.

Extra Tidbit: In your opinion do we really need an Uncharted movie?
Source: IGN



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