Seth Rogen & James Gunn respond to Remake The Last Jedi initiative

Update: Rian Johnson has responsed to the Remake The Last Jedi thread:

Call me crazy but, I think he's into it.

Original Article:

Over the past few years, it's become increasing apparent that a small percentage of Star Wars fans with some very loud voices have made it their mission to poison the well for those who enjoy drinking in the splendor of George Lucas' space saga. In a recent attempt to fan the flames of hate for Rian Johnson's STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI - a film that has left many Star Wars enthusiasts standing on either side of a dividing line - a Twitter group known as Remake The Last Jedi has launched a campaign to remake the latest Star Wars adventure in their preferred image. You know what that sounds like, right? Right?

In their initial tweet, the group claims to have producers standing by who are interested in covering the budget for a remake of Johnson's Star Wars film, adding that they're not joking. You can see the tweet for yourself below:

As the thread continues, Remake The Last Jedi claims that they'll be working side-by-side with Star Wars fans throughout the writing process, as they attempt to create a film that is "as close to universally accepted as possible." The group also said that while they're aware that you can't please everyone, their version would not result in blasphemy. In reading their posts, you'll find that the organization hopes to secure Star Wars fans from across the galaxy, and is willing to hear ideas from both people who loved and hated THE LAST JEDI. While this aspect of the plan may cause you to raise an eyebrow in curiosity (and perhaps optimism), allow me to share this next part with you that comes directly from Remake The Last Jedi themselves.

"The people in power think the fans who disliked TLJ are an irrelevant minority of basement dwellers who are just keyboard cowboys that will never actually effect real change. If you don't want them to win then spread #RemakeTheLastJedi and let your voice be heard!"

Yeah. Here's where the story takes a turn.

Obviously, a stunt like this is going to get people talking. However, I'm not sure that Remake The Last Jedi was planning on Hollywood players the likes of Seth Rogen and James Gunn weighing in on the matter.

In response to the outlandish Star Wars initiative, Rogen decided to ask some pertinent questions:

The RTLJ account responded to Rogen by saying, "Not just spend, invest, good ROI." I've no idea what that last part means, though Rogen felt the need to poke the bear even more by asking, "Ok. Is someone actually investing money in this? How did you get a script of investors without a script or stars or legal abillity to make this movie? Those have been important elements in the past." He's not wrong, and when you consider how closely Disney guards their properties, the liklihood of this group having their Donald Ducks in a row is slim to never-going-to-fucking-happen.

Remake The Last Jedi snapped back at Rogen by saying, "It’s a pretty solid brand so that’s how the investors know they’d have a good shot at making money. To get the legal rights we would need a meeting with @Disney which would require getting their attention, we got yours didn’t we? What did you think of TLJ? @HamillHimself"

Finally, the thread also caught the attention of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY director James Gunn, who clapped back at the campaign with the following tweet:

This embarassing moment in Star Wars history has been brought to you by the letter "E" for eyeroll. And now, your Moment of Zen.

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