Sharlto Copley is officially the villain in Spike Lee's Oldboy

How did I know this was going to happen?

Sharlto Copley is officially the villain in the OLDBOY remake from Spike Lee. Not that it's a bad choice. It's an inspired one. This will be the first time we see the actor play a role like this one. I don't doubt that he can get the whole creep-vibe down.

The only details offered on Copley's updated role was this: "...villain Adrian Pryce in Oldboy. Pryce is a mysterious billionaire trying to destroy the life of Joe Douchett (Josh Brolin)". Don't mind the name change for Copley's character, but Douchett? How do you go from Dae-su Oh to Joe Douchett?

It was also mentioned that Copley was cast in another film titled, OPEN GRAVE. It will be helmed by APOLLO 18's Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego. The film actually sounds decent. Copley's character, "wakes up in the pit full of rotting bodies with no idea how he got there, begins to have flashbacks of himself murdering people and stars to believe he’s the killer."

Source: Deadline



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