Shazam producer promises big things and drops telling hashtag for DC film

It’s taken a couple of years - and as some would argue a few mis-steps - but the DCEU Film Express has officially left the station and is now chugging along at a fine pace. Adding to the excitement of Warner Bros. and DC Comics upcoming films WONDER WOMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE, SHAZAM! producer Hiram Garcia took to his Twitter account, earlier today, to share his enthusiasm about the the upcoming superhero film. In fact, you can check it out for yourself by observing the image below:

In addition to urging fans to keep the hashtag #JustSayTheWord in their back pocket, Garcia boasts that he’s just had a “great meeting” with DC Comics about bringing the mystical story of Billy Batson to the big screen. It’s also to note that back in August, 2016, Garcia had stated the following about this promising project:

It needs to be of the world. You’ve got Justice League, Wonder Woman with a different director, so you’re going to see different points of view. I think by the time we land with [Shazam!] we’ll fit nicely within the world that’s been created, but not such a shorthand relationship. [It’ll be] enough that people say, ‘Oh, this is within the family,’ but the culture will be a little different.

Of course, no one’s as excited about this film as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is poised to step into the shadowy tights of the film’s super-powered villain, Black Adam. Johnson, who’s been on the ground-floor of the creative process for the movie for some time now, has been talking about this project for what feels like forever, and I must admit that the dude’s gusto for the film is infectious.

Personally, I kind of have a thing for Dwayne Johnson, and will see just about anything he’s a part of. It all started for me after I smelled what the pro-wrestler turned mega movie star was cooking in the 2003 action-comedy THE RUNDOWN. I might not be the biggest fan of the DCEU, thus far, but Johnson’s involvement in SHAZAM! has me pumped for the possibilities of ushering this lesser-known hero into the big leagues.

SHAZAM! is expected to burst into theaters on April 5, 2019.

Extra Tidbit: I once participated in a radio play for the Talking Comics podcast in which I voiced the role of Billy Batson.



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