Shelton is Unititled

Marley Shelton and Adam Goldberg have signed up to star in a romantic indie feature (tentatively?) called UNTITLED. What the hell, didn't Cameron Crowe want to call ALMOST FAMOUS, UNTITLED, but Dreamworks wouldn't let him? As such, I will refuse to endorse the name of this film until they come up with a new one. The film will be about a tortured composer (Goldberg) who falls in love with Madeleine (Shelton), a gallery owner who profits from the work of our protagonist's brother. Which sucks. I loves me a little bit of Adam Goldberg, he always seems to draw a laugh whether its on television telling hookers to shut the f*ck up in 'Entourage', or in big movies like DEJA VU telling a van full of quantum physicians that he needs more cow-bell. And Marley Shelton? Jesus, where to begin? Look at her. We last saw her in cinemas being outlandishly hot in Rodriguez's portion of GRINDHOUSE. Jonathan Parker will direct the film.
Extra Tidbit: Goldberg appeared in both 'Friends' and the spin-off 'Joey', but as different characters.
Source: Reuters



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