Sherlock Holmes 3 with Downey, Law pushed back to December 2021

Just think, Robert Downey Jr.’s second outing as Sherlock Holmes – his second, not first – came out in 2011, several months before he got to team with the Avengers in 2012’s superhero blockbuster. Now he’s one month away from appearing in the fourth Avengers movie, ENDGAME, and yet, nothing has been started on another HOLMES movie. However, we were closer to a new movie yesterday than we are now, as news has broken that SHERLOCK HOLMES 3 starring Downey and Jude Law has been bumped back a full year to December 2021. I believe we have a slight case of development hell, my dear Watson.

Last May it was announced the leading duo were set to reprise their roles in the long-gestating third movie, which was then set for a December 2020 release. Since then, no new director has been attached, and both Law and Downey have been in the process of making new blockbusters like FANTASTIC BEASTS 2, CAPTAIN MARVEL and AVENGERS. Chris Brancato (NARCOS) has written the latest draft of the script, but the report from THR gives no exact reason as to why Warner Bros. has pushed the release.

Perhaps we can equate the push to the schedule of the leading duo. Both Law and Downey are busy with projects, with the former having plenty of movies lined up and the latter currently working on the new DR. DOLITTLE movie. There’s also the matter of the director, with Guy Ritchie not expected to return after helming the first two. Or perhaps it’s to get the horrible taste of the Razzie-winning HOLMES AND WATSON starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly out of people’s mouths, with the critically lambasted movie souring the brand.

No matter the reason, pushing the date back means making sure the movie is as good as it can be without rushing production, which if not started this year would make a late 2020 release difficult given the production values. Plus, December was a slot that proved lucrative for the first two movies, so likely WB will want to keep that release no matter the year. At this point I’m doubtful the movie will ever happen given we’ve waited this long with plenty of estimated starts and release dates, and I probably won’t exit this lane until Downey posts a picture from the set with a pipe in hand. 

SHERLOCK HOLMES 3 is slated to come out ten years after the second movie did on December 22, 2021. You can see Law in CAPTAIN MARVEL this Friday, and Downey in AVENGERS: ENDGAME on April 26.

Source: THR



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