Shia LaBeouf in talks to join Brad Pitt in David Ayer's WWII movie, Fury

David Ayer's World War II movie FURY instantly sounded awesome when it was announced that Brad Pitt would star. Now, there is news that Shia LaBeouf may join Pitt and I can hear your Schmoe groans. After the news that LaBeouf may partner with Robert De Niro for SPY'S KID, many of you voiced a distinct dislike for the TRANSFORMERS star. Well, let the hate continue as Variety reporting on this news seems pretty concrete.

Here is the brief plot for FURY:

"1945 as the Nazi regime collapses and the five-man crew of an American tank called Fury battles a desperate German army."

I have no qualms with Brad Pitt going back to war, especially if he brings a little Aldo Raine to the part. But, Ayer is promising this will be an "honest and visceral" combat film, so it won't be another INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. Personally, I don't have an issue with LaBeouf, especially if he gets to die a spectacular death. He redeemed himself for me with his role in LAWLESS, so I will give him a chance here.

FURY is slated to open on November 14, 2014.

Source: Variety



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