Sly Stallone confirms he is definitely not appearing in the Rambo remake

If there's one kind of war that Sylvester Stallone (or his character, John Ramo) has no interest becoming involved in, it's a rumor war. Recently, the suave, sneer-lipped action star told Deadline Hollywood that he is absolutely not participating in the Tiger Shroff-led remake of FIRST BLOOD, a rehash of the 1982 classic that started the RAMBO film series.

Stallone made himself abundantly clear by way of a spokesperson, who declared on behalf of Stallone that, “any involvement in Tiger Sharoff’s Rambo is not happening, under any circumstances.” Now, even though that statement could come off as a little harsh, Sly has also stated that he personally has nothing against the project, though he wants fans to understand, unequivocally, that he won't be a part of it. "I wish them well on their own," Stallone said.

Even if I think it's a shame that Stallone won't be involved in any capacity with the remake, I do understand what it's like to be stretched too thin across projects. Right now, Sly is hard at work on organizing the CREED sequel for MGM, and would rather dedicate his focus on that endeavor instead. In regard to the follow-up film for CREED, Stallone has hinted that Michael B. Jordan's Adonis could trade blows with the son of Ivan Drago, the Russian heavyweight who killed the tender-glove's father, Apollo Creed, in the ring during 1985's ROCKY IV.

So there you have it. Stallone is "yay" for ROCKY, but "nay" for RAMBO. Again, I think this is an admirable course of action for Stallone. I'd rather him whole-ass a CREED sequel than half-ass his involvement in a RAMBO remake. But what do you think? Are you still interested in the planned RAMBO reboot even though Stallone won't be involved? Let us know in the comments section below!

Extra Tidbit: Growing up, my mother and sister were positively obsessed with Sly. As a result, all of his movies, and I do mean all, were on a constant rotation in my home during my adolescent years.



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