Smokin' Aces prequel

Apparently Smokin' Joe Carnahan is planning to do a direct to DVD prequel to his hit movie SMOKIN' ACES, presumably after the film's healthy DVD sales.

"Whatever reluctance I have is alleviated by the fact that we can really do this balls out, hardcore prequel and not be constrained by ratings or any other puritanical MPAA bullsh*t. That I love."

I'm all for Joe Carnahan, I think the guy is great, but I don't know, am I missing something? Isn't making a direct to DVD movie a bad idea by default? I don't understand why you would make a movie, your aspirations for which were for it not to be shown in cinemas, but in people's homes, on DVDs. Like Jean-Claude Van Damme films. Does direct to DVD really mean 'more balls out'? GRINDHOUSE got away with pushing the limits, didn't it? I don't know, Joe is great and I love NARC, but it's hard for me to be optimistic with this. I hope I'm proven wrong though! And I hope Clint Mansell is back, I totally dug his theme that came in at the end of the movie!
Extra Tidbit: My favourite character in SMOKIN' ACES was Jack Dupree (played by Ben Affleck), so if this is to happen, I'd love to see how his early life pushed him towards a handle-bar moustache!
Source: Film Stalker



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