Sony to buy Avengers-style Robin Hood project

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Well this should make for a few raised eyebrows tonight: Sony is set to purchase a pitch for a take on the Robin Hood lore with a project called HOOD.  According to sources, the deal is sitting at $1 million against $2 million and is still being negotiated. The reason it comes with a hefty price tag? Likely because the pitch had some keywords people love to hear these days including "universe" and "Avengers". That’s right, this would be an AVENGERS-style movie revolving around Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men including Little John, Friar Tuck and Will Scarlett. I Can you image the character posters already.

The pitch comes from Corey Goodman (PRIEST, THE LAST WITCH HUNTER) and Jeremy Lott; Heat Vision reports the tone of HOOD is described in the vein of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and the more recent FAST & FURIOUS movies. The most recent take on the story of Robin Hood wasn’t too long ago with Ridley Scott’s gritty 2010 ROBIN HOOD starring Russell Crowe. The plan is to make a series of movies out of this one; something I would say doesn’t have a chance right now but who really knows what will get people flocking to theaters these days. After a dismal summer box office, a lot of studios must be rethinking strategy. With ideas like this I try and tell myself what might sound like a bad idea to some is going to be a new favorite franchise for others; so forget it, man. It's Chinatown.

At least we will always have Tights:

Source: THRVariety



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