Sorry Rihanna, looks like Luke Evans was asked to be the villain in Fast & Furious 6

It's been reported that Rihanna was asked to play the villain in FAST & FURIOUS 6. Apparently, her acting in BATTLESHIP really wowed the studio so they thought she'd be a good fit. Now it seems that this may not be true. The casting part, not so sure about the "good acting" comment.

It seems that the role is being offered to THE RAVEN'S Luke Evans. This is the part that was supposed to go to Jason Statham until he turned them down. Looks like they are leaning towards the English chaps for a bit of villainy. Is the gang going to Europe? It's possible.

I must add that the rumors about Rihanna joining the cast originated from The Sun. 0% of the time, they are right every time.

Another noteworthy tidbit has to do with Michelle Rodriguez. She will return to the franchise as Letty. Rodriguez is also reprising her role in MACHETE KILLS. You go girl. Forget I just said that.

Source: Twitch



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