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If you would like to remain wholly and completely in the dark as to what happens in MAN OF STEEL until a trailer drops, then click away. Go and read a Superman comic.  Check out another article. Peruse someone's gallery on Movie Hotties.

Man of Steel green screenIf, however, you either 1) don't mind knowing about the action, dialogue, filming technique, and costumes from one scene in MAN OF STEEL or 2) are like me and could really care less Superman and his movies, then feel free to read on.








Okay.  MAN OF STEEL has been filming recently on Edwards Airforce Base in California, and Josh Ballze over at Nuke the Fridge managed to score the chance to look at some test footage from the shooting that has taken place there.  And no, you can't look it for yourself.  Here's what he had to say, adding also that the scene seems to be centered around Earth's forces making some sort of deal with the representatives of main villain General Zod (Michael Shannon):

"The scene is set up in the bases’ proving grounds, vast dried flatlands as we spy a barricade of some sort.  Concrete military dividers form a crude wall as soldiers and Tanks gather with all weapons prone in one direction: the other side of the wall.  Who’s on the other side, none other then Superman and Faora: General Zod's wife.  She is indeed sporting a black alien uniform, her hair sleek back, draping down to a long black cape as it blows in the desert wind.  She and Superman then walk over to a vast technical array of lighting rigs, camera dollys and a massive green screen: his own red cape dancing on the winds as dust is kicked up in their path.  From this point the footage takes a page from “Chronicle” as it spins and falls, tucked away by the mystery cameraman as everything goes black.  Our mystery source has indeed provided me such a covert scoop it would make even Lois Lane flush with envy."

As for that dialogue I mentioned, it goes something like this:

"{Exterior Shot} Various Military Vehicles and 200 military soldiers are prone, all in formations as if ready to stand off as they wait for TWO female Kryptonians to land their ships.  Among them is Faora as she walks past Superman himself, standing and ever ready.  Faora then walks over to Colonel Hardy who stands with his men behind the barricade as she begins to speak:

FAORA: General Zod wants this woman to come with me.

Faora then gestures to none other than Lois Lane.  Hardy is quick to object.

COLONEL HARDY: You asked for the Alien, you never said anything about one of our women!

FAORA:Shal I tell the General you are not willing to comply?

COLONEL HARDY: I don't care what you tell him!

Lois then emerges from behind the barricade as she gestures to Hardy.

LOIS LANE: It's okay, I'll go.

Louis follows Faora as they walk back to the shipSuperman tries to stop her, fearing for Lois' life.  Faora then finally addresses Superman.

FAORA: If I was going to kill her she would be dead already.  I am incapable of emotion."

June 14th, 2013 is the release date for MAN OF STEEL, though if you're at all a Superman fan I'm sure you knew that already. 

And in a case of complete non-news, Amy Adams (Lois Lane) is beautiful:

Amy Adams is lovely as usual

Extra Tidbit: Quentin Tarantino once boasted that he was writing a 20 page review of SUPERMAN RETURNS, and has said he would have picked Bryan Singer for best director at Cannes Film Festival in 2006.
Source: Nuke the Fridge



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