Stallone pulls back his bow in Last Blood BTS pic

Sylvester Stallone’s final foray as John Rambo will hit theaters this September with RAMBO V: LAST BLOOD, and although he’s trading the jungle for the open plains that doesn’t mean he’s any less dangerous. While recent photos from behind the scenes have been going the dramatic route with simple black and white images, the latest one reminds you this is still a Rambo movie, and one that will be full of blood and the title hero unleashing his own brand of justice…sometimes with a bow and sometimes with his bare hands. 

Stallone hasn’t been shy about giving glimpses at the movie in the meantime before any sort of teasers or trailers, and in his newest pic he posted his character is brandishing a very large bow, his arms covered in blood and his clothes all sorts of messy. There’s one very brave photographer right in front of him, with Stallone writing in the caption, “Getting a very dangerous picture !” That photographer deserves a medal or at least a hug from Rambo with the blood of his victims on his arms.


Getting a very dangerous picture !

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Recently it was announced the movie was coming out somewhat sooner than expected this September, as opposed to perhaps early next year. Directed by Adrian Grunberg and written by Matt Cirulnick and Stallone, the movie will act as a sendoff to the character that debuted in FIRST BLOOD in 1982, which spawned the iconic franchise for the actor. This time around the character head’s to Mexico to save a friend’s daughter and naturally fights a one-man war against the drug cartel. Adriana Barraza, Paz Vega, and Yvette Monreal co-star alongside Stallone, who also announced his retirement from play Rocky some months ago.

The gist I'm getting so far is that Stallone and the gang seem to be going for more of a LOGAN feeling with this final outing, which I'm totally fine with. We can't expect him to be doing this role forever, and while the fourth movie would've been a solid, crazy sendoff for the character I feel there's more to him that warrants a conclusion that's both bloody and resonant. Based on the photo, there will indeed by plenty of blood to go around. It is in the title, after all. 

RAMBO V: LAST BLOOD is in theaters September 20.



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