Sylvester Stallone says Creed II is his "last rodeo" as Rocky in BTS video


The first CREED movie saw the young Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed seeking out the help of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa as he sought to work his way towards becoming a boxing champ. In CREED II, their journey together continues, and the movie ends on a sweet note with both men finding peace. While there’s still plenty for Creed to do in the world of boxing, the time may be here for Rocky to step out of the spotlight, and in a newly released video from the set of the new movie Stallone seemed to confirm his time has come to an end.

The video was taken on the set of CREED II as production was coming to a close (at least for Stallone) and was urged to give a speech from the crew – including Jordan and director Steven Caple Jr. It was then he said it was probably his "last rodeo,” before saying how happy he is with where the series has gone after ROCKY BALBOA in 2006.

(Transcription via THR)

Well, this is probably my last rodeo because what I thought happened, and has happened, I never expected. I thought Rocky was over in 2006 [Rocky Balboa]. And I was very happy with that. Then all of a sudden this young man presented himself and the whole story changed," he says. "It went on to a new generation. New problems. New adventures. And I couldn't be happier as I step back because my story has been told, there's a whole new world that's going to be opening up with the audience, with this generation. Now you [Jordan], have to carry the mantle.

In the caption of the video, he also speaks fondly of his time with the new movies, writing, “Though it breaks my heart, Sadly all things must pass... and end.”

CREED II came out to great reviews and terrific box office recently, meaning that more movies are likely. Though the finale of CREED II doesn’t tease any plotline in particular for future movies, it does end things in a way that makes it a perfect conclusion to Rocky’s saga with him reuniting with his son and grandson.

Now, we’ve seen people say “I’m done,” before, only to hop back on the saddle, but it seems like Stallone has put a lot of thought into this. Who knows, maybe things will change in the next year or so. Perhaps they'll come up with a really great story that ropes him back in. Or perhaps at the very least he will cameo at some point just to say hello. It's just too hard to picture any movie in this series without him in there somewhere, even in a small way. But in terms of story, I get it. It's time for Creed to really start cutting out his own path. If it is indeed the end of Stallone's time as Rocky it's been a hell of a legacy, and he's correct that the series is in good hands. 

CREED II is in theaters now. 




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