Stallone shows off his "adopted" family in new Rambo V: Last Blood images

A lot will be different for Sylvester Stallone’s John Rambo in the upcoming RAMBO V: LAST BLOOD. For starters, he’s swapping out the ripped tees and hot jungle for some nice plaid and Southwest plains, showing off his cowboy skills in past photos. Now Stallone is showing off perhaps the biggest new element with new pictures of his “adopted” family in the movie, who I assume he will be doing much horseback riding and family dinners with. He deserves a home-cooked meal, you know?

Below are more black and white photos from the movie, which Stallone promised more of not too long ago. In the pics we see him spending time with characters played by Yvette Monreal (THE FOSTERS), and Adriana Barraza (DRAG ME TO HELL). These are likely the happy family moments before all hell breaks loose, so just take it all in while you can.

Stallone has been sharing plenty of images of his new Cowboy Rambo since production started, recently sharing one with him (on a horse) on lovely ranch property, taking in the view. This will be his swan song for the character after playing him on and off since the 80s, having also said goodbye to playing Rocky Balboa back in November. Well, if you’re going to go out, it may as well be on a horse, which he certainly is, if you could not tell.

Though the RAMBO movies have never been ones for subtlety or dramatic heft, these new images are really selling a new side of the character. It’s probably just the black and white images giving a vibe, but still, it gives everything a richer quality that makes it seem like this movie will be a bit different than past outings. Well, we do know one thing is for certain: Stallone is on a horse for at least some portion of this movie.

There is currently no release date set, but we could see RAMBO V: LAST BLOOD as early as late 2019



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