Stallone's Bullet to the Head gets Jason Momoa and Sarah Shahi

With HBO's "Game of Thrones" first season just coming to its riveting conclusion, imposing horselord (and impending CONAN THE BARBARIAN) Jason Momoa should be getting plenty of work, especially if the role makes use of his physique and growl.

So the Khal should make an excellent villain for Sylvester Stallone -- Latino Review says Momoa will be the bad guy in the currently untitled action-thriller (previously known as HEADSHOT), based on the recent comic BULLET TO THE HEAD (which may end up the eventual title).

Directed by Walter Hill (48 HRS, THE WARRIORS) and produced by veteran Joel Silver (LETHAL WEAPON, THE MATRIX), the story follows Sly's hitman and a younger cop who team up to track down the men who killed their respective partners.

Sung Kang (FAST FIVE) is also starring (possibly in the lawman role, which was briefly occupied by Thomas Jane before the producers reportedly wanted more ethnic diversity), and lust-worthy TV regular Sarah Shahi ("Life", "Fairly Legal") has also joined the production as Sly's daughter.

Extra Tidbit: Looks like I'll be picking up George R.R. Martin's books, since I don't think I can wait until next spring for more "Thrones". Such irresistibly juicy stuff.



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