Steven Seagal stars in new martial arts action film Attrition

Steven Seagal is like the white whale of action stars, in that he looks like a fat white whale, and it's rare to see him actually fighting. He also seems to be wearing a fake beard and those dumb orange sunglasses in every movie of his for the last decade. Seriously, what's up with those glasses?

Anyway, Seagal is shooting a new action/martial arts film in Thailand called ATTRITION about a Spec Ops leader (Seagal, natch) who must track down and save a girl with mystical powers. However, this one actually seems to have some money behind it, and *gasp* he looks like he might actually move his arms! Maybe fight even! Here are some set pics from the studio:

I mean, I'll have to wait and see a trailer, but this does seem a step up from Seagal's normal fare, even if that's a low bar to overcome (and it's still debatable if it does). I mean, he's still wearing those shitty glasses...

Meanwhile, ATTRITION will be released later this year.

Extra Tidbit: I still like the story of John Leguizamo getting punched for real by Seagal on the set of EXECUTIVE DECISION because Seagal couldn't take a joke.
Source: Saradan Media



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