Steven Spielberg wants to direct a remake of West Side Story

Now here is something interesting. Steven Spielberg, who currently is not directing a movie, has asked 20th Century Fox to allow him the rights to remake WEST SIDE STORY. In most situations, this news would spark outrage from movie fans who would rank WEST SIDE STORY alongside classic movies that should never be remade. But, when Spielberg is the director, you nod your head in agreement.

There has been no actual agreement made regarding this remake outside of Spielberg gaining clearance from the studio to pursue the project, so this could end up fizzling like many of the iconic director's recent projects. Spielberg left AMERICAN SNIPER with Bradley Cooper and put ROBOPOCALYPSE on indefinite hold. I get that he is up there in age, but when filmmakers like Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, and Martin Scorsese can churn them out at their age, why not Spielberg?

Sure, Spielberg's are a lot more effects heavy and complex to make from a production standpoint, so maybe a musical that doesn't need CGI may be the right small project for him to get back into the mix. Whether it be WEST SIDE STORY or not, I hope we get to see Spielberg explore yet another genre someday.

Source: Deadline



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