Streets ahead! Donald Glover will be Lando Calrissian in Han Solo spin-off!

Huh. So my interest in that stupid-as-shit sounding young Han Solo movie has just piqued exponentially. Apparently Donald Glover (COMMUNITY, ATLANTA) has been cast to play the one...the only...motherf*cking Lando Calrissian. It was just confirmed by the official STAR WARS twitter handle moments ago:

Damn, damn that's good casting. It also helps put the new HAN SOLO film in perspective for me. Don't get me wrong, there's already a lot of talent in front of and behind the camera. Alden Ehrenreich fucking killed it in HAIL, CAESER! (an amazing film, by the way), so I know he's probably going to kill it as Han as well. And it's being directed by none other than Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, who are known for directing great films out of awful premises (LEGO MOVIE, 21 JUMP STREET), but who will always be remembered by me for their awesome CLONE HIGH series. Hell, even Lawrence Kasdan (and his son Jon) have a hand in the script! But, to be honest, I just didn't see what a Han Solo prequel film could offer. I mean, when we meet him in the original trilogy, he's a selfish piece of shit. What kind of arc could you give that character that either isn't overly bleak, or rings utterly false?

However, this new casting - and the promise of a fun space-buddy adventure - has gotten me excited for the first time since I've heard the film announced. It's now rocketed to one of the films I'm looking out for, when before it was something I had already written off.

UNTITLED HAN SOLO STAR WARS SPIN-OFF (man, that's a mouthful) will blast into theaters May 25th, 2018.

So what are your thoughts on the casting? Anyone you would've preferred?

Extra Tidbit: The satellite dish looks different in EPISODE VII than it does in the original trilogy, because during the Death Star attack in RETURN OF THE JEDI, Lando accidentally knocks it off of an overhang while trying to dodge TIE fighters.
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