Swinton is Love

I guess this is post-worthy, since it's "Oscar Winner" Tilda Swinton now. She has signed on to star in the movie IO SONO L'AMORE (I AM LOVE), a romantic drama in which she will play a foreign society matron in Milan who falls for a young chef. In related news I incorrectly bet a large sum of money on Amy Ryan (GONE BABY GONE) to win Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars last year. So screw this movie, the real lesson here is not to follow your heart when making Oscar-related wagers.

Italian director Luca Guadagnino, who will direct the film, previously worked with Swinton on THE PROTAGONISTS. Of this film, he said it will explore "the irreparable consequences brought about by love in a high-bourgeois family." What he didn't say was how scared he was of Tilda Swinton, but anyone who has seen her stare will know it the degree of fear would be "very".
Extra Tidbit: I AM LOVE is of course nothing to do with last year's action flick I AM LEGEND, which means it will probably stand a good chance of being more faithful than Will Smith's film to Richard Matheson's original literature.
Source: Variety



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