Sylvester Stallone in talks to bring Rambo back for the small screen

Looks like RAMBO is headed back to the screen! Well, the small screen that is. THR is reporting that "Entertainment One has inked a co-development pact with Avi Lerner's Nu Image to develop and produce a TV series based on the Rambo property" with Sylvester Stallone in talks to join the project on a "creative level" and may potentially reprise the role of the headbanded hero. eOne and Nu Image plan to develop the series and shop to networks.

Stallone starred in four RAMBO films, starting with 1982's FIRST BLOOD, then 1985's RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II, followed by RAMBO III in 1988, and most recently in 2008's RAMBO. As a child of that generation, RAMBO was firmly rooted in my upbringing, complete with the cheesy animated series and action figures. I personally love all the films in the series with the most recent being a terrific return to form for the character (and bloodiest). I've always felt that there was more potential for the character, especially after he "returned home" in the last film.

It's a tough game adapting an '80's series for TV, however, as most recently learned by the BEVERLY HILLS COP TV show, which failed to get picked up and is still languishing on the shelves, even with the original star's involvement. Stallone could easily add some clout, though, as he's still a box office draw, unlike Eddie Murphy. Some may scoff at the idea of a RAMBO TV show, saying it would be too tame, but I think we've surpassed that way of thinking given the level of quality in many of the scripted programs out there.

What do you think? Is RAMBO ripe for television?

Enjoy some RAMBO carnage while you ponder it...

Extra Tidbit: Hearing the Jerry Goldsmith score from the Rambo films inspires instant action hero courage. Play it before a big speech, workout, or planned breakup with someone. It can be a lifesaver.



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