Taggart back in Cop 4?

   Beverly Hills Cop trio

UPDATE: An inside source tells us the film is currently on hold for at least a year while Ratner & Murphy get another project off the ground (a comedy apparently set at the Trump Towers). Producers are still hunting for a script, but bringing Taggart & Rosewood back is a definite. Also mentions that Rat & Murph want Chris Rock involved. Make of that what you will.


You know its a frigginly slow news week when Brett Ratner makes the headlines TWICE in the same week! Although to be fair this one's about a Ratner film, and one I'm still not exactly sure I want to see. Especially after the spectacular pile of feces that was BEVERLY HILLS COP 3. I'm no screenwriter but I'm pretty sure my kids could eat Alphabits and crap out a better script!

According to the folks of Moviehole, Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura wants the impending 4th film to be good, as opposed to "not good" I guess, and aims to have Rosewood and Taggart back together to achieve it. The studio is apparently courting actor John Ashton to come back besides Judge Reinhold after sitting out part 3 because of scheduling conflict, which in Hollywood terms means he wanted to preserve his dignity.

Brett Ratner doing it AND Eddie Murphy's last 15 years worth of films might be a put off, but Taggart is da man, and the script is apparently not an attempt at creating an Axel Foley script but an original story of police corruption bought and adapted for the franchise, which means it probably IS original, and that at least sounds good to me so far. Who here feels it's worth giving a try?

Extra Tidbit: I was stoked to see Ashton in GONE BABY GONE, and in such great shape! That guy deserves much more work than he's been getting these last few years.
Source: Moviehole



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