Taika Waititi says We're Wolves is "slowly going through the sausage maker"

Great things come to those who wait…is a saying that will earn someone a swift flick to the face if I hear one more goddamn time. I mean, I get it, I get how it takes time to get things just perfect, and therefore us waiting with be worth it in the end. But why does that have to be a lesson in virtuosity? Can’t I just be mad that I can’t have the things I want when I want them? That's why this news about one of my most anticipated sequels/spinoffs has me a little conflcited.

During an interview with IGN, WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS and THOR: RAGNAROK director Taika Waititi spoke about the planned sequel/spinoff to the former flick, WE’RE WOLVES. Just like everything I want in this world, turns out it won’t be coming any time soon, if at all:

“It’s still in the works. But the Jemaine [Clement] and Taika works is a very long and slow machine – we put an idea in one end, and it takes about six years to come out the other end. And sometimes it doesn’t even come out. And sometimes it comes out as a different idea. So we’ve out the idea of We're Wolves into the machine, and it’s now slowly going through the sausage maker. So in a couple of years I think it will come out as a script and we’ll shoot that. Or maybe it will just come out as some t-shirts.”

*que tears*

*que deep breath*

I'm a ball of conflicted emotions right now. On one hand I'm obnoxiously impatient, and desperately want this movie to come out so my life can have meaning. On the other hand, WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS was one of my favorite movies of its year, and was a complete surprise. It was so meticulously crafted and absurdly hilarious that if WE’RE WOLVES needs years of preparation in order to be on the same plateau, I can accept that. I'd rather have a great movie take years then a good movie take...less years. But just so you know, if I learn I have to wait into the new decade, I will flick all your faces.

Waititi's newest film, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE, hits Blu-ray on October 7.

Source: IGN



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