Teaser, production featurettes, and new images from HBO's Game of Thrones season 3!

It may seem like a long way off, but the premiere HBO's Game of Thrones, season 3 is just around the corner.  Granted, it's still four months, but I'm trying to be glass half full here.  In the meantime, we have some sweet new featurettes, a teaser, and some new images to tide you over.  The first featurette is one of HBO's "in production" numbers, which shows a nice batch of on-set footage and hype-building from producer David Benioff.  The second featurette is an introduction of new cast members that has the actors/actresses talking about their character and experience on the show.

Wait, I'm not done.  I'm also tossing in the teaser, which many of you have already seen, but what the hell.  Here it is again.  Lastly, we've got a nice batch of images, featuring almost all new characters, including Ciaran Hinds as The-King-Beyond-The-Wall himself, Mance Rayder.  Additionally, there's The Queen of Thorns, Jojen and Meera Reed, and the legendary Beric Dondarrion with his infamous flaming sword.  For fans of the books, this is some seriously cool shit.  For everyone else, it's a tease of some intriguing new characters.  Either way, fans should be stoked.

Here's the "in-production" featurette:

Here's the "new character" featurette:

Here's the teaser:

And, lastly, here's the images:

HBO's Emmy-winning Game of Thrones, season 3, is set to premiere on March 31, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone not checked out the show yet? What's keeping you?
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